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Awesome Things to Do in Prague: A Stunning City beyond Photographs

Prague Beauty beyond Photographs

Around one year ago, my friend, Arianne sent me a photograph of my name written on snow, overlooking a beautiful city. It was my birthday present from her trip to Europe that year. It was a sweet gesture that I truly appreciated. The photo was taken in Prague, and when she told me this, she urged me to see it in the future. Drawn to the beauty of the place, I told her I will definitely put Prague on my list.

Prague Beautiful City in Czech Republic Snow

After a memorable trip to Budapest, Jon and I took the night train headed for Prague (This time, everything went smoothly because there is no immigration check.). We arrived quite early and witnessed a beautiful sunrise on our way to the hotel. A new day, and a new city to explore.

Here are some of the awesome things to do in Prague:

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square was quiet in the early hours of the day. We were lucky to get a glimpse of this admirable place just before the many tourists and buskers shroud its serenity. The impressive architecture has been well kept all these years, and I was simply in awe of the beauty of the old churches and buildings that reside in this square. Highlights include the St Nicholas Church and the Prague Astronomical Clock, two of the most iconic sights in Prague.

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It’s simply hard to avoid the crowds in this part of the city, but after a while, you learn to appreciate the colour and life that people add to these longstanding structures that have witnessed some tainted times in the Old Town Square’s history.

Prague Beautiful City in Czech Republic Old Town Square

Charles’ Bridge

One of the most popular attractions in the city is the Charles’ Bridge, which crosses over Vltava River, and connects the Old Town and the Prague Castle. This bridge is easily recognizable for its different statues of somewhat religious context. Most times of the day, this place gets packed with tourists alongside local musicians, painters, and buskers of all sorts but it’s worth the trouble hustling with the crowd for a stunning view of the Prague castle and the rest of the city. If you have a lot of time, one of the most memorable things to do in Prague is to get photos of Charles’ Bridge at dusk or dawn.

Prague Beautiful City in Czech Republic Charles Bridge

Prague Castle

As if overlooking its kingdom, Prague Castle stands high above most parts of the city. We didn’t really spend a lot of time inside the castle complex, but we were very impressed by the beautifully crafted church that resided there. We’re guilty for not giving more time to this place, so if we missed a lot, we’ll be happy to hear your thoughts.Prague Beautiful City in Czech Republic Prague Castle

Petrin Hill and Petrin Tower

If the Eiffel tower had a sibling it would have been Petrin Tower. This observatory offers panoramic views of the city of Prague. However, the downside is, there is no elevator! So you have to go up and down by foot. There are two observation platforms so there is a bit of time to rest both ways. It’s tiring but definitely worth the fascinating views.

The Petrin Tower is not the only attraction in Petrin Hill. There is also an old church, landscape gardens, the hunger wall, and the mirror maze. We visited the mirror maze as part of a package with the tower, and it was really fun! It only takes a few minutes and it’s a wicked escape from the touristy sights.

Petrin Hill can be reached via the funicular or by taking the walking track. We took the funicular on the way up and walked on the way down. It was quite a pleasant walk, a good way to mix things up and save a bit of money.

Prague Beautiful City in Czech Republic Petrin Tower

Prague Beautiful City in Czech Republic Mirror Maze Petrin Tower

Powder Tower and Other Watch Towers in Prague

One of my favourite things to do in Prague is going to the different watch towers and admiring the views of the city from above. There are a number of watch towers in Prague, and it can be hard to choose which one would offer the best view. Be prepared to do a lot of walking uphill. The spiral staircases are not exactly wide (nor well lit) either. Nevertheless, the views from the tower are pretty amazing. The Powder Tower is located just before you reach the Old Town Square so it provides a contrast of the old and the new parts of Prague. If you have the time, it may be worth going to the tower next to the Astronomical clock during night time to get a different perspective of the square. We actually considered to go back there but we didn’t really have enough time (because we went to watch the movie, Interstellar instead. It was worth it, though.) 

Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is a contemporary attraction, a few minutes’ walk from Charles’ Bridge. It contains graffiti/ street art inspired by John Lennon and even some lyrics from The Beatles. Apparently, this wall is repainted quite often by authorities but people just add more graffiti, most of which are of topics related to love and peace and even activist movements on current events. It is an interesting detour from the old historical parts of Prague. We also saw a café quite close to the wall location with more Beatles memorabilia, in case you’re a fan. 

Prague Beautiful City in Czech Republic Lennon Wall

Did you know? The graffiti on Lennon Wall changes almost everyday.

Absinthe (The Drink)

If you’re up for it, get a bottle of Absinthe when you’re in Prague. After all, that’s where it originated. This famous alcoholic drink can apparently cause hallucinations (we didn’t get any when we tried it later on when we got to Vienna). It’s quite strong, but worth a shot. Drink responsibly and make sure you’re of legal age to drink.

Prague is an exquisite mix of the old and new. The well preserved Old Town blends well with the new life brought by interesting shops and attractions, as well as the variety of tourists that come from different parts of the world. If you think that Prague is just another touristy city, think again. There is a very good reason it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and that definitely goes beyond photographs!

Prague Beautiful City in Czech Republic Old Town

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Have you been to Prague? What was your favourite place? Let us know.

*This post was originally published in March 2015.

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  • I absolutely loved Prague when I was there but I wish I had known about Petrin Hill and the Mirror Maze. The views look gorgeous and who wouldn’t want to play around with a bunch a mirrors after a few pilsners!

    • Thanks Ashley! The views from Petrin Hill were pretty amazing indeed and we had fun playing around the mirrors even when we’re sober. Haha. Cheers!

  • Amazing photographs! I haven’t been to Prague yet but since I’m already in the Schengen Zone, I should be visiting there sometime soon–and I will! I’ll definitely refer to your post in the future. Cheers!

    P.S. – I just went to your About page and it cracked me up! HAHA it’s so true. I’m a Filipina too like you Gia and boy, the discrimination! 😛

    • Sounds good! There are plenty of beautiful cities in Europe. I’m excited for you! I’ll be posting some new ones on Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal soon. They’re all great places. Have fun!

      Thanks for checking out our profile. haha I’m glad you made it through. Check out my post on the time I got held at the train border of Romania and Hungary. That was a bit scary. Cheers!

  • Let’s not forget that Prague was never destroyed during WW2, since the Czechs surrendered to Hitler. If you go to Warsaw, you’ll quickly see that the Poles didn’t parallel that decision.

    • We didn’t manage to go to Warsaw during our trip to Europe but it will be interesting to see the contrast as you mentioned. We actually considered but didn’t have time, but we’ll definitely go to Poland at some point.

  • I love Prague so much, no doubt it is the most beautiful European city I’ve ever seen with my own very eyes. I lived in Prague for about a year (from 2013-2014), being a student at a university in Prague. I have to say this, but I really do miss Prague like as if Prague was my own hometown. I am definitely looking forward to return to Prague after seeing these photos and comments.

    • That must have been an amazing experience Weng Han! Prague is indeed unforgettable! I’m happy to bring back good memories of your university life in Prague. Let us know when you go back and share your experience with us.

  • I do love Prague. Such a stunning city to wander around in between big hearty meals and amazing beers. Highly recommend hoping out to Pilsen for a quick day trip and explore the home of Czech beer.

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