Meet Jon and Gia, a world travelling couple whose passports are enemies. They are from different worlds, Jon’s New Zealand passport is loved by all (the New Zealand passport is the 5th best in the world) while Gia’s Filipino one is often subject to long interrogations. Despite their Mismatched Passports, they have defied the odds to be together on a journey around the world.

Where Are You From? What Do You Do?

Jon is from New Zealand (Dunedin) and I (Gia) am from the Philippines (Manila). We met in Singapore, where Jon used to work as an English teacher while I was a structural engineer.

When and How Did You Start Travelling?

Jon had been planning to do another big trip (he spent 6 months in Southeast Asia before he started working in Singapore) and focus on his writing at the end of his contract in Singapore. While having a long term relationship was not part of his plans when we met, we developed a serious relationship and later on, he convinced me to come along with him. It took me a while to decide on travelling with Jon considering that I had to quit my job and leave the life I had in Singapore for the last 3 years. Jon and I have only been together for about a year then but we both knew what we have was special and seeing the world together was just so tempting!  After a few months of decision-making, I finally decided to come with him. On September 2014, Jon and I finally started our journey around the world together.

How Long Have You Been Travelling and Where?

For nearly two years, Jon and I have been travelling the world, from mountains in Nepal to historic cities in Europe, from the medinas in Morocco to the beaches of Hawaii (and plenty of other places in between). After going overland from Mexico down to Patagonia, then a few trip around Southeast Asia and India, we are back in New Zealand to explore this new home.

Click on the photo below for a summary of all the places we have visited in this world trip:

Couple Travel around the World - Mismatched Passports - Our Journey So Far

Click on the photos below for some of the highlights of our trip around the world:

Couple Travel around the World - Mismatched Passports - Our Most Romantic Parts of Our Trip

Couple Travel around the World - Mismatched Passports - Our Favourite Places in the World

Couple Travel around the World - Mismatched Passports - Our Most Memorable Experiences

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