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MISMATCHED PASSPORTS is a travel blog dedicated to the romantic journey around the world of New Zealander- Filipina couple, Jon and Gia. In this couple travel blog, we share our travel experiences from across the globe. It also features travel stories, tips and inspiration for other travellers.

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Read about our first year on the road here:

A Year of Travel - Romantic Journey around the World - Couple Travel

Are you wondering where we have been and how long we’ve been travelling? Know more about the different countries we have visited in our travel map.

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Are you planning your own trip around the world? Here are some handy travel tips:

Travel Tips for Your First Trip around the World

Questions to Ask Yourself Long Term Travel

Is it hard to travel around the world? Read some of our personal recollections:

How Travelling Made Me Less of a Princess

Struggles with Backpacking Fashion

Around the World Travel Inspiration

Ready to pack your bags and see the world? We have many destination posts waiting at our website. If you are still uncertain where to begin, here are some posts to kick-start your itinerary:

Most Romantic Towns in the World

Best Road Photos from around the World

Scenic Flights around the World

From Rugs to Riches: Around the World in 18 Beds

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