Tesalate Beach Towel: Is This the Best Travel Towel?

Do you share the same travel towel woes as I do?

  • Should I bring a towel? But it’s too heavy and bulky!
  • This towel absorbs water well but doesn’t dry fast enough!
  • It’s so sandy now, I don’t want to put it back in my bag.
  • Is the sarong enough? It’s better for photos anyway. I don’t want to bring both a towel and a sarong.

I love the beach but I’ve had my fair share of annoying beach towel experiences along the way so I was very excited when Tesalate contacted me to try out their sand-free beach towels. After checking out their collection, I instantly fell in love with the different designs! I really hope the towel delivers with the promise of a revolutionary beach towel!

Our Verdict: Tesalate Beach Towel

After a day out at the beach, I instantly fell in love with the Tesalate beach towel. Here are the reasons why:

It’s So Stylish

I chose the bright and colourful “Bohemian” pattern which really stands out in photos. I really love it. Each Tesalate towel has one side with a vibrant design and their signature black & white triangle pattern on the other.  They have a wide range of designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your personality or style.

I’ve always carried a sarong at the beach for style but they are not enough to keep you dry. Having a stylish towel is a win-win!

It’s Light and Compact

The towel is so lightweight and fits nicely in my tote bag (and backpack). It’s good to not have to carry the towel separately from other items when I’m headed to the beach. It also comes with a nice bag so that I can tuck it in there after I’ve used it.

The towel measures 160cm x 80cm (63×31 inches) which is the same as a full size towel but rolls or folds nicely without the bulk or weight so you can take it anywhere conveniently.

It’s Sand-Free

The claim is true! Sand brushes and slips straight off! We’ve trialed our Tesalate towel on the sand dunes of Saint Clair beach in Dunedin and it works like magic.

It’s Very Absorbent (and Dries Fast)

The Tesalate towel is made of AbsorbLite™ microfiber (80% polyester + 20% polyamide). It absorbs water well and dries in half the time a usual beach towel does. The towel texture takes a while to get used to but with the convenience it provides, no complaints here.

It’s Functional

It can be a beach mat, yoga mat (if you’re not too worried about the length), beach cover- up and a travel towel! That’s pretty awesome for a single item!

Disclaimer: We would like to thank Tesalate for providing us with a beach towel to review. All thoughts and opinions in this post are our own.

Website: https://www.tesalate.com/

Are you interested in the Tesalate beach towel? Have you tried the Tesalate beach towel? Let us know what you think.

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