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Solo Villas and Retreat: A Romantic Escape in Ubud, Bali

Who doesn’t want to see the idyllic side of Ubud? Far enough away from the busy scene of Central Ubud, Solo Villas and Retreat offers a luxurious retreat surrounded by some of Bali’s spectacular rice fields. It was a perfect place to stay with its stunning villas, enticing pool, and outstanding service.

Solo Villas and Retreat Bali

Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise each day with enchanting rice fields right under your door step. Solo Villas and Retreat captures the true essence of Ubud with its unique setting where each villa has its own unobstructed views of nature. Located along Juwuk Manis walk, a few minutes’ away from Central Bali, Solo Villas and Retreat offers a natural enclave where one can have a chance to experience the raw beauty of Ubud while enjoying the comforts of a modern hotel.

Deluxe King Suite

Apart from the spellbinding views from our private patio in our Deluxe King Suite, we simply adored our spacious room with its classy décor and intimate art pieces. The best part was it didn’t feel like just another hotel room. With its king size bed, living area, kitchenette and en suite bathroom, it felt like a place of our own for the three nights that we were in Ubud. It had nearly everything we needed for a relaxing stay – a comfortable king size bed, great ventilation (air conditioning, a large fan or open windows), a huge flat screen TV, a full size fridge (freezer for our ice creams!) and free water refills. If only we had more time in Ubud, we would have spent more time just enjoying the comforts of our lovely suite!

An Enchanting Floral Bath

The en suite bathroom was my favourite spot in the room with its large mirrors. Apart from the wide mirror infront of the sink, there is a full length mirror and a handheld mirror. Somebody finally got their numbers right! If we had more luggage back to New Zealand, I’d definitely get something similar. Those mirrors are gorgeous!

Lush greenery creates an indoor outdoor feel for the bathroom. It was the perfect back drop for the shower and the large bath, where I had my much anticipated flower bath! On the last day, I enjoyed a soothing flower bath with delicate flowers of various colours. It was a truly memorable experience that I highly recommend.
In room spa services are also available at Solo Villas and Retreat.

A Delightful Breakfast

Even if you feel like pancakes today and eggs tomorrow, there is enough variety in the breakfast options at Solo Villas and Retreat that will keep you smiling each morning. The beautiful spread include either international favourites like pancakes, French toast, eggs or local delights like noodles and fried rice. These all come with a plate of fresh fruits, muesli and yoghurt, fresh juice and a pot of freshly brewed (good) coffee!

It’s always good when you’re give a different option each morning. They even accommodated our request to exclude bananas (since Jon didn’t fancy them) and they added some more pineapple instead.

A Relaxing Pool Area

There’s a lot of places to explore in Ubud and its surrounding areas so most days get pretty tiring. On our last day, we went for swim and relaxed at the pool area. There are limited rooms in this boutique property so we didn’t need to worry about having too many people around.

Outstanding Service

One of the striking qualities of Solo Vilas and Retreat is the great hospitality. Despite the luxurious feeling of the place, we felt the warmth of home. From the reception who waited on us during our late arrival to the genuine smiles when they ask how our day was going, it was a real delight to be a guest at Solo Villas and Retreat.

During our stay, we enjoyed complimentary motor bike transfers to and from the hotel. We really appreciated this despite it only being a 15 minute walk away from the centre as it’s hard to walk in the dark.

Location: Ubud, Bali

Solo Villas and Retreat is located along Juwak Manis Walk in Ubud, Bali (call ahead and they will pick you up from the nearby Starbucks as cars can’t access this part of Ubud) . Ubud is a unique area in Bali where you can enjoy beautiful rice fields, enchanting waterfalls and unique temples. Central Ubud is also a great spot to enjoy delicious local and international cuisine, shopping and appreciate local art. We spent three days in Ubud, check out Jon’s post about the best things to do in Ubud.

Disclaimer: We were hosted by Solo Villas and Retreat. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Solo Villas Resort & Retreat Bali
Address: Jalan Kajeng at Juwak Manis
80571, Ubud, Indonesia
Contact Nos: +62.822.3765.0706 / +62.821.4680.0828
Email Address:

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