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Life is Full of Adjustments: The Lessons I Learned After Living in Singapore

A different set of cultures, a fast paced working environment, a struggle for independence – these are some of the things I have to face in my new found home. I would say I’ve adjusted quite fairly so far.

Here are some lessons that I have learned during my stay in Singapore.

1. Each person is different so not everyone will live up to your expectations. Try to be that nice person and do your best to understand other people’s behaviour.

2. Connections to people are important. You don’t need to be that social butterfly but a good set of friends who know people will help you survive this foreign country. From finding that next flat, getting a discount to your purchase to maybe meeting the love of your life – knowing people has its perks.

3. True friends are rare. These people, no matter how far apart you are from one another, will find a way to stay in your life.

4. Seize opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try. You will either be successful or you learn a lesson.

5. Everything is a matter of perspective. Whether you sulk all day from the work-related stress or change your outlook and think of it as a challenge is entirely up to you.

6. You are responsible for your own happiness. Find what truly gives you bliss. Make time to do the things that you love.

7. Don’t forget to live. Appreciate each day as it comes. Don’t let things become so much of a routine that you become unhappy because of it.

8. You are always entitled to a new start and always choose to be a better version of you. Always take a step back, and reflect. If you don’t like what you see do something about it.

9. You can always turn to your family for help. No matter what happens these people will always be there for you. So never forget.

10. Relationships take time. Don’t rush into it. Everything will eventually fall into place.

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You may have a different opinion on these things. What have you learned when you moved to a new country? Let me know your thoughts

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Gia Kristel Algie

Currently based in New Zealand, Gia grew up in Manila, lived in Singapore for three years and travelled the world for nearly two years. From watching sunsets to hiking mountains, she loves the outdoors. She enjoys living in big cities but takes pleasure staying in quaint, small towns. An aspiring photographer and budding writer, she is the voice behind Mismatched Passports, a travel blog dedicated to the journey around the world with her husband, Jon.

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