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Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel: A Romantic Retreat in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel Nicaragua Review

A hotel close to nature with the comforts of home, Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel is the perfect place to stay on the stunning island of Ometepe, Nicaragua. The hotel offers a beautiful beach front garden and well decorated rooms that are sure to make your holiday as comfortable as possible.

Hotel Room and Amenities

In Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel, we stayed in a junior deluxe room for 2 nights. The room was complete with a king size bed, flat screen TV with cable, air conditioning and a private bathroom with hot shower. I loved how the room feels so much like home – there is so much care given to the details of the beddings, curtains and decorations in the room. All the modern conveniences of home are available that it is almost easy to forget you’re on an island. But you won’t. Once you step out of the comfortable room, you are welcomed by the lush garden and the beautiful beach front. You begin to embrace the beauty of the island before you even leave the hotel premises. Colourful hammocks await and cosy sitting areas near the bar and restaurant make for perfect spots to relax. There are also sunbeds overlooking the beach if you want to work on your tan.

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel - Nicaragua - Review - Outdoor Area

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel - Nicaragua - Review - Room

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel - Nicaragua - Review - Beachfront

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel Bar and Restaurant

How will you survive on an island without good food? In Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel, you don’t have to go too far. Aside from the delicious complimentary breakfast (pancakes, continental or traditional Nicaraguan breakfast), lunch and dinner options are also available at the bar and restaurant. They even have vegetarian options. If you have a sweet tooth, you have to try their desserts. We loved the brownies a la mode. It was delicious!

Another thing we liked about this bar and restaurant is that it serves as a common area for guests and even the owners. During our travels, we realized how important it is to meet other people along the way. By meeting other people, you get tips for your own travels, and maybe even make new friends. The social environment in this area of Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel made our stay in Ometepe more memorable.

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel - Nicaragua - Review - Beachfront Restaurant

Hotel Staff and Services

Roslyn and Jonathan, the proud owners of Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel are hands-on with most of the services of the hotel. Upon our arrival, Roslyn provided us with information about the hotel, Ometepe and some of the activities and tours that we could do for the rest of our stay. The rest of the staff are also very accommodating to guests. We appreciated the room service breakfast during the time when Jon wasn’t feeling well.

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel offers a number of tours in Ometepe. They also help arrange different activities. We rented a couple of bikes, which was a good way to see different sights in Ometepe since bus times are not very frequent. Renting a car, or hiring a taxi is another alternative but more expensive.

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel - Nicaragua - Review - Modern Bungalow

Location: Ometepe, Nicaragua

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel is located by Santa Domingo beach, between Maderas and Concepcion volcanoes. This stretch of beach is one of the best places to find accommodation on the island. Another good thing is that Ometepe’s top tourist destinations like Ojo de Agua are located close to the hotel.

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel - Nicaragua - Review - Beachfront Area

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel - Nicaragua - Review - Concepcion Volcano

We had a great stay at Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel and would gladly recommend it to those looking for a special place in Ometepe. Check out Jon’s post about the beautiful island of Ometepe.

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To further see the beauty of Ometepe Island and the relaxed atmosphere in Xalli, Ometepe Beach Hotel, check out this video:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJPO8KkKM6w]

Disclaimer: We were hosted by Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel during our stay in Ometepe, Nicaragua. Thoughts and opinions in this review are our own. Embedded video was provided by Xalli, Ometepe Beach Hotel.  

Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel
Playa Santo Domingo, Communidad San Fernando Altagracia, Rivas, Nicaragua
Website: www.ometepebeachhotel.com
Email: info@ometepebeachhotel.com

What do you think of Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel? Did this review inspire you to stay at the hotel or have you already visited the place? Do you have plans to visit Ometepe Island? Let us know.

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