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One, Two, Three, Four Ear Piercings in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

A friend once told me that she vented her sorrow through body piercings in the past. I suppose some piercings have a deeper story involved with them. I was not entirely sure I’d be ready for the pain involved, nor do I have any sad sentiments to divert but I was really into the idea of getting additional ear piercings.

Why Did I Get Ear Piercings ?

The idea first hit me when I saw the row of three ear piercings on the character Yesha in the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden 2. She wasn’t one of the favoured characters nor the lead so it’s not some sort of trend in fashion that I wanted to get myself into. The set of three small earrings reminded of Las Tres Marias (Orion’s Belt), the three stars aligned in one row in the constellation Orion. I have always fancied those stars, and look for them almost every time I notice a starry night sky. I found them really attractive and have never let go of the idea since then. My only issue was when and where to do it.

I was most certain my family would disapprove of getting those extra 2 piercings on each ear. Although my cousin, who was a pediatrician, had a piercing gun in her clinic, I could only joke about the idea of getting some extra piercings but I never really had that courage to ask her to actually do it. It took a few years, and the encouragement of my best friend, Karen (who wanted some piercings for herself), that I finally had my ears pierced.

Ear Piercings Seoul South Korea

Visiting Nana, the Best KPOP Piercing Shop in Gangnam

It was the fifth day of my trip with Karen in South Korea. After the long day of hunting for KPOP stuff and checking out cafes, we went to an accessories/piercing shop at Gangnam Area in Seoul called ”Nana”.

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We were still wearing our 2NE1 jackets, then. The lady at the shop didn’t fail to notice this, and in a sort of reassuring voice she told me, “I did G-Dragon’s ear piercings.” G-Dragon, is a famous Korean rapper, singer and member of the group, Big Bang under the same entertainment agency as 2NE1. Relieved that even KPOP artists did their piercings at this shop, I gave her my trust.

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Ear Piercings Seoul South Korea Gangnam

They had a lot of earrings to choose from and they can do all sorts of piercings as well. I have already chosen 4 small round earrings, then, so I went first. Unsure of what pain was waiting for me, I just tried to relax while I watch the set of surgical needles sterilized in front of me. Omg! I wasn’t prepared for it. I really hoped it was a piercing gun instead and not a needle!

Do Piercings Hurt?

Ouch. It was painful. The first needle was pierced in and I have very little time to react. I had to assure Karen it didn’t hurt much, but it did.

The following piercings were more tolerable after the first.

The Result

One. Two. Three. Four. It was finally over. My piercings were done. I was so happy after seeing the final result. It was beautiful. Some may think of this piercing thing as superficial, but it was something I really looked forward to and have really set myself to doing. I have finally completed one of the many that I wanted to do – It feels amazing!

One for the bucket list!

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Here’s the information of the shop where we did the piercings in Seoul. Unfortunately, they don’t allow photographs inside the shop so I wasn’t able to take any photos while we did the piercings.

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 11:00-22:30,
Saturdays 10:00-16:00
Address: 103 Jeongdong building, 661-18 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Website: (Korean)

Are ear piercings on your bucket list too? Where did you have them done? Let us know.

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