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Autumn in Nami Island (Namiseom 남이섬), South Korea

Welcome to Nami Island! A few kilometers away from the busy city of Seoul. While this half moon-shaped island gained its popularity when it was featured in the famous Korean drama, “Winter Sonata”, we visited Nami Island during autumn. Here’s what it was like:

Nami Island Seoul Korea, Tower

Although not exactly fans of the drama, my best friend Karen and I wanted to check out some of the scenic locations in South Korea that were featured in kDramas, so Nami Island was a perfect choice. We went during October. We went to Nami Island in Autumn and  the colors were simply gorgeous!

Nami Island Seoul Korea Trees
Nami Island Seoul Korea Trees Yellow

Naminara Republic

I found it particularly interesting that the island had its imaginary country called “Naminara Republic,” with its own passport, currency, stamp and telephone card. Perhaps this was the reason for the “Immigration” when we bought the tickets for the ferry!

nami island info

nami coin

Exploring Nami Island in Autumn

You may opt to rent a bike, walk or take the mini train to tour the island. The main filming locations of “Winter Sonata” are marked on the island map so tourists who are familiar with the drama, can look back at the love story and check out the statues and memorabilia from the series. We didn’t  really check these places out (thus, the lack of photos!) but I guess they can be quite interesting if you know the plot of the drama.

Nami Island Seoul Korea Bicycle

Nami Island Seoul Korea Train

There was so much nature to see in this park-like place and it’s very relaxing just to sit around and watch the breeze carry the leaves off the trees. Autumn is definitely a perfect season to visit Nami Island. The fall foliage is incredible!

Nami Island Seoul Korea Photographer
It didn’t take the whole day for us to go around Nami Island but going there took up quite a bit of our time. I know  there are alternative nature sites closer to the city center but I loved the colours of this island in autumn and the serenity it offered.  Nami Island is well worth a visit  if you have a day to spare from Seoul!

Nami Island Korea End

Farewell Nami Island!

nami island ferry

Nami Island Souvenirs

On the way back, we checked out this Snow Cafe , located near the ticket office of Gapyong wharf,  that serves sweet red bean pancakes! They also  sell some cool souvenirs to remind you of your visit to Nami Island. I guess winter is a more populat to visit Nami Island thus, the snowman souvenirs.

DSC_0631 DSC_0632

The “snowman kiss”. Aren’t these figurines cute? My best friend thinks otherwise, she said it’s one snowman giving the other a head-butt! – and that just melted all the romance I felt for the souvenir I bought!

How to Get to Nami Island

There are several options for transport if you want to go to Nami Island. We took the train from Seoul to Gapyong Station (this took an hour or so), then a quick taxi ride to get to the Gapyong wharf, where the ferry to Nami Island is situated.  You can check Nami Island’s website for directions and other useful information:

Have you been to Nami Island? Did you also visit Nami Island during Autumn?  Let us know.

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