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Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin: An Amazing Cable Car Ride in Hong Kong

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin

One of the best attractions in Hong Kong is the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. It is one of the activities that I was really excited to do with Jon. The Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car is considered one of the world’s most amazing cable car experiences according to CNN and one of my favourites. As part of our trip around the world, Jon and I started our sightseeing in Hong Kong with a trip to Lantau Island via the crystal cabin of Ngong Ping 360. The views are truly spectacular. We really enjoyed our time together here.

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The journey started in Tung Chung Town Centre, where we had to queue for our tickets and for the ride itself. It was definitely more crowded than the past two times I was in Hong Kong. The queues for the crystal cabin where shorter; the choice to upgrade started to pay off. (Buying your tickets online is also a good idea since they have a different (shorter) queue if you already purchased your tickets.)

We were joined in the cabin with 5 other people (the cabin holds 10 people so it wasn’t too crowded) and off we went. The glass bottom was a little bit scary at first. It feels like you are floating. The panoramic views from the cable car were amazing. The view of the buildings slowly faded and we were in nature. The sea and the green hills of Lantau Island were captivating. Finally, the Tian Tan Buddha statue slowly came into view. It was a bit hazy during our visit but it was good to see it again.

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin - Tian Tan Buddha

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin - Big Buddha

A Walk to the Tian Tan Buddha Statue

Excited to go up to the statue, we quickly passed through the Ngong Ping Village and went straight to the stairs headed for the Tian Tan Buddha statue. It was as majestic as usual. Jon and I climbed the 268 steps to reach the statue. The views are amazing from the top.

The Tian Tan Buddha has a bronze exterior and has a height of 34 meters. It is one of the most important sites for Buddhists in Hong Kong. But even people of different faiths visit this impressive structure. Admission is free to see the statue but you have to pay if you want to see the museum and get close to the statue. The site is open from 10:00am to 5:30pm.

If you are interested, you can also visit the Po Lin Monastery and the Wisdom Path, religious sites near the Tan Tian Buddha. I’ve visited these sites the first time I went there so Jon and I skipped them.

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin - Tian Tan Buddha - Big Buddha

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin - Shrine Buddha

Ngong Ping Village

Years ago I made a wish at Ngong Ping Village using a divinatory stick which had the Chinese character for “love” inscribed on it. The next month after my visit, I met Jon, my current boyfriend. I tried to look for these divinatory sticks to show them to Jon but they weren’t there anymore. Only the Bodhi Wishing Tree is left. Let me know if you see the divinatory sticks back in Ngong Ping Village.

The Ngong Ping Village is a themed village with small cafes, shops and restaurants (including Starbucks and Subway). There are three major attractions in this area –Stage 360, Motion 360 and Walking with Buddha. We had the Stage 360 and Motion 360 Pass with our cable car ticket so we went to see one of these attractions. The Stage 360 is a 30 minute show where artists perform stunts from different Hong Kong Films like Ip Man and the White-haired Witch (and a Bruce Lee movie). It was quite fun, some of the audience even got the chance to participate on stage. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to do the Motion 360, a 5D movie experience.

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin - Village

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin - Walk Village

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin - Tian Tan Buddha Village

The Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin Difference

I had never seen a cable car with a glass bottom except for Ngong Ping 360 so it was a refreshing experience to be on this kind of ride. We were with other people on our way the Ngong Ping Village but on the way back we got the chance to have a crystal cabin on our own, since a lot of other  people return by bus. If you have the extra money to spare, I would really recommend the Crystal Cabin as it gives you the opportunity to see Lantau Island in a different light. It is quite scary at first but the memories of this ride are worth it. Also, the lines are usually shorter for the crystal cabin.

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin - Experience

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Cable Car Hong Kong - Crystal Cabin - Tourist

How to Get to Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 is located in Lantau Island. The entry point is at Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal and the final destination of the cable car is the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, where you can explore Ngong Ping Village and visit the Tian Tan Buddha.

The Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal is located close to the Tung Chung MTR Station. The MTR is the most convenient way to reach this area. We were staying in Sham Shui Po, so we took the Tsuen Wan Line then transferred to the Hong Kong Line at Lai King station towards Tung Chung station, the last stop of the line.

You can check the Ngong Ping 360 Website for other transportation options.

Where to Buy Tickets for Ngong Ping 360

You can buy the tickets for the Cable Car at the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal or you can purchase it online through the Ngong Ping 360 Website. The ticket we had was a round trip crystal cabin ticket with Stage 360 and Motion 360 Passes (Stage 360 and Motion 360 Pass) worth HK$315 (about USD  40). If you are on a budget it is possible to purchase a standard cabin ticket one way then just take the bus back to Tung Chung Town Centre (buses are located near Ngong Ping Village). 

Disclaimer: We were hosted by Ngong Ping 360 during our Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin experience in Hong Kong. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Ngong Ping 360
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: 9:00am to 6:30pm

Have you been to Hong Kong? Did you ride the Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin Cable Car? Let us know.

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  • My sister’s family of three and I are flying to HK for a two day visit b4 going to the PH to attend our mom’s 88th bday celeb. What places can you recommend us seeing if we’re on a tight budget?

    • Hi Rose, if you have kids Disneyland or Ocean Park is a good place to start. I highly recommend the Cable Car since it has the best views of the countryside. In the city, check out the Victoria Peak and visit Victoria Harbour to watch the Symphony of Lights. These are quite affordable attractions (compared to Disneyland and Ocean Park). For shopping and food, Kowloon is a good option.

  • WOW! An amazing cable car ride. Travelling is my hobby. I already visit many countries. I think HongKong is also a nice place. Definitely, I will try to visit this Lantau Island.

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