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“Crazy” Dune Buggy Rides and Sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru

Dune Buggy Ride Sandboarding Huacachina Desert Oasis Peru

“Do you want a “crazy” driver?” The guide from Peru Hop asked everyone about their preferred dune buggy driver just before we got off the bus to Huacachina. I thought she was joking.

“Do you want it fast?,” the driver asked. Jon and I were in the dune buggy with the “crazy” driver. I have been on a four-wheel drive during a trip to Sahara desert and the ride didn’t sit well with me. This time, expecting the worst driving possible, I took a motion sickness pill. I want to enjoy the adventurous ride. I have to survive until the sandboarding. Let’s have fun in the desert!

The Crazy Dune Buggy Ride

Seatbelts on, hands tightly gripped on the front bars, we made our way through the desert like there was no tomorrow. It was like being on a roller coaster ride – it was really fast! But the sand dunes make for a ride really interesting ride. The driver manoeuvred well up, down and around these desert sand dunes. I really enjoyed what anyone would call “crazy” driving, everyone did!

Dune Buggy Ride Sandboarding Huacachina Desert Oasis Peru - Car

Dune Buggy Ride Sandboarding Huacachina Desert Oasis Peru - Sand Dunes

Sandboarding in Huacachina

“Really?” I asked after seeing how high the first sand dune was. I thought we would start with baby steps – a 3m one would have been good. It was intimidating! I was still shaken from the ride to the top of the sand dune and there we were, ready to sandboard down one of the highest dunes.

Everyone must have let go of their fears as they took their turn one by one down on their boards. Jon and I were the last ones to go. There was no turning back. I laid down on the sandboard and flew face first down the steep sand dune. It was over in less than a minute. That was awesome! The next sand dune, Jon and I attempted to sand board while standing. It was tough. We stumbled a few times but had a great time. We all took a few more turns down different sand dunes and had a blast!

I have waited for this since Nicaragua, that was in May. We skipped the volcano boarding in Leon after hearing a story of someone getting his face ruined from a fall. Rolling over on sand just feels a lot safer. You should definitely try sandboarding in Huacachina.

Dune Buggy Ride Sandboarding Huacachina Desert Oasis Peru - Tour

Dune Buggy Ride Sandboarding Huacachina Desert Oasis Peru - Tourists

Sunset in the Desert of Peru

Before we left the sand dunes, we took a ride towards the sunset. The vast desert was like a canvas to the majestic change in colours.  It was a memorable ending to our adventurous time on the sand dunes.

Dune Buggy Ride Sandboarding Huacachina Desert Oasis Peru - Sunset

Huacachina: A Desert Oasis

Huacachina is probably one of the nicer towns we’ve visited in Peru.  The most interesting part about this town is its location. It’s a desert oasis! There are a few hostels, restaurants and bars were you can enjoy the happy hour. Make sure to try the Pisco Sour, a famous drink in Peru.

You can book tours for dune buggy rides and sandboarding in Huacachina. We paid $50 soles for two hours of dune buggy rides and sandboarding.

Dune Buggy Ride Sandboarding Huacachina Desert Oasis Peru - Town

Disclaimer: We worked with Peru Hop for our bus transport across Lima to Cusco. Thoughts and opinions in this post are our own.

Have you been to Huacachina? Have you visited other deserts during your travels? Would you like to try dune buggy rides and sandboarding? Let us know.

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