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Amar Mahal : A Majestic Hotel in the Heart of Orchha, India

Incredible Rajput Architecture of Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha India

A spellbinding medieval town, Orchha features grandiose palaces and temples which date back to the 16th century. These historic monuments show that the town’s founders, the Bandela rajput kings, had such lavish lives. Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience a sliver of this kind of luxury? During our visit to Orchha, we came close to the royal experience with Amar Mahal, a stunning hotel located near the Betwa river.

Amar Mahal

Nestled in the heart of Orchha, a small ancient town in Madhya Pradesh, Amar Mahal is a meticulous recreation of a traditional Rajput house of Bundelkhand. With its palatial architecture, a stay at Amar Mahal was like stepping back in time.

Hallway at Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha India

Apart from being a luxury retreat, Amar Mahal has the perfect location for seeing the magnificent attractions in Orchha. Right from the hotel grounds, it is possible to see the temples and cenotaphs (chhatris) near the Betwa river. The palaces of Raja Mahal and Jahangir Mahal are also but a few minute’s walk from the hotel.

Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha India - Hotel Review

A Sophisticated Hotel Room

Amar Mahal offers elegant rooms in three categories — deluxe, super deluxe and suites. We stayed in one of the deluxe rooms at the ground floor. Our high-ceiling room was furnished with a four-poster bed, a vanity table, a sofa and a dresser. From the beautiful tapestries to the hand-painted frescos on the ceiling, the room was tastefully decorated to meet the hotel’s luxurious ambiance. Modern conveniences include a flat screen TV, coffee-making facilities and a fridge. WiFi works well in the room too.

During our stay, we were also given a tour of the other room categories offered by Amar Mahal. If you are looking for something a little special, their suites located near the pool area are excellent options.

Luxurious Hotel Room of Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha India

Beautiful Hotel of Amar Mahal Orchha India

Hotel Services and Amenities

As if the natural greenery surrounding the hotel isn’t enough, lush greenery accentuates the majestic architecture of Amar Mahal. Apart from the floral garden at the central courtyard, Amar Mahal has sprawling lawns, which have sweeping views of the chhatris. This would be a perfect venue for events like weddings.

Also make sure to go up the terrace, where panoramic views of the hotel and the surrounding scenery await. I especially adored the incredible arches in this part of the hotel. They have truly captured the incredible Rajput architecture of India.

Lounge Chairs at Amar Mahal Hotel in Orccha India

Chhatris of Orccha as seen from the Amar Mahal Hotel - Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha

Are you looking to unwind while in the hotel? Amar Mahal has an outdoor swimming pool and a spa. The swimming pool also has incredible views of the nearby temples.

Temples as seen from the Swimming Pool Area of Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha

Gorgeous Swimming Pool Area at Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha India

During our stay, the hotel’s director, Mr. Nitendra Singh Rathore also showed us the hotel’s organic garden. In this organic garden, they harvest their restaurant’s freshest ingredients.

Breakfast at the Beautiful Restaurant

The well decorated restaurant was a pleasant location for breakfast each morning. For breakfast, we had fresh fruits, cheese omelets, jam, butter and toast as well as delicious mango juice and Indian chai. Indian breakfast options are also available.

Elegant Restaurant at Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha

Delicious Breakfast at Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha India which includes omelet, juice, tea and fruits

The Best Butter Chicken (We’ve Had) in India

The restaurant at Amar Mahal offers an extensive menu with continental and local dish offerings. For dinner on our last night, we had butter chicken, saffron rice, raita and cheese stuffed nan. The food was so delicious and the butter chicken (and the nan) was the best we’ve had in India! If you are staying at the hotel, they also offer room service so you can enjoy meals inside your relaxing hotel room.

Room Service Meal from Amar Mahal Hotel in Orchha includes Butter Chicken, Cheese Nan, Raita and Saffron Rice

Location: Orchha, Madhya Pradesh India

A short walk from the chhatris and the Betwa River, Amar Mahal is a perfect spot to explore the attractions in Orchha from. Being a small town, everything in Orchha, including restaurants and shops, are but a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. It is also quite pleasant to walk around Orchha — far more relaxing than in most cities in India.

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Chhatris of Orchha, India

We had an unforgettable stay at Amar Hotel. It is definitely an outstanding hotel in this part of India. If you don’t end up staying at Amar Mahal, we highly recommend you at least go for quick visit and enjoy the delectable meals at their restaurant.

Disclaimer: We were hosted by Amar Mahal during our stay in Orchha, India. Thoughts and opinions in this post are our own.

Amar Mahal
Address: Orchha, District Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India
Tel No.: +917680252102, 252202, 07223934362

What do you think of Amar Mahal? Did this review inspire you to stay in this hotel in Orchha? Let us know.

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