Could You Travel on a Private Jet?

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When you’ve spent a few years exploring the world, crammed into economy airline seats and jammed onto public transport, the idea of a more luxurious way to travel sounds like a dream.

Arguably, the ultimate way to fly across the globe is on a private jet. Offering privacy, superior service, comfortable seats, lots of leg room, no long waits after check-in, and no annoying passengers, it sounds like paradise. But let’s be realistic, unless you’re a millionaire or celebrity, you can’t afford to charter a private jet, right? Well, after a little research, it seems it could be a possibility, after all.Here’s how you could travel on a private jet.

Booking Process

If you’ve never booked a private jet before, then you probably have no idea how to go about it. Do you need to be a member of an exclusive club? Is there some sort of secret password? Surprisingly, it’s actually an easy process.

You can book online in just a few steps. Select your dates, the size of your party, and departure and arrival points. It’s not all that different from hiring a car and because you can choose all the specifics, it offers a lot more flexibility than a commercial flight.

Empty Legs

The name may sound a little odd, but an empty leg just means a flight with no passengers. Often, private jets must return to a destination to pick up customers, but if there are no passengers onboard, this is referred to as an empty leg. When this happens, the company must still pay wages and operating costs, without receiving any payment. This means an empty leg flight can often be found at a huge discount.

There are loads of private jet companies that offer empty leg deals, including industry leaders like Vistajet. To make it even cheaper, travel with a group and split the cost equally.

Single Seats

Did you know you can book a single seat on a private jet, rather than charter the whole flight? It’s a well-kept industry secret. If you’re prepared to do your research, and can be flexible about departure times and location, then you could purchase a ticket for a seat on a private jet. This will allow you to travel in style and comfort, for just a fraction of the cost.

Have you ever travelled on a private jet? Or is it something you’re thinking about? Let us know your thoughts and experiences.

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