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Akaroa Village Inn: A Sensational Holiday Home Experience in Akaroa, New Zealand

The best part about going on holiday is that feeling of escape from the usual. Nothing beats waking up to a bright sunny day with spectacular views straight from your bedroom window. We stayed in a charming waterfront suite of Akaroa Village Inn — it was the perfect place to stay during our romantic weekend in Akaroa. We were right across from the harbour front with glorious views of the surrounding natural landscape. It was very tempting to just stay in and enjoy a few drinks on our deck or chill out in our hot tub. This was definitely one of our more relaxing holidays!

Akaroa Village Inn

Akaroa Village Inn offers a variety of properties which are suitable for couples or families.  It’s an awesome way to have a holiday home without breaking the bank. Each property at Akaroa Village is individually owned and caters to the style of the holiday home owner. Jon and I stayed in one of the charming waterfront suites with gorgeous views of Akaroa harbour – it was perfect for our weekend getaway.

We were welcomed by the delightful management of Akaroa Village Inn, Kerry and Shane. Hospitality is one of the keys to a great stay. With Kerry and Shane, we definitely felt like family and they really went the extra mile to make us feel at home. I could definitely stay in that place for ages. I wish I owned one of those holiday homes!

You can check the other properties of Akaroa Village Inn here: http://www.akaroavillageinn.co.nz/accommodation-in-akaroa

Waterfront Superior Suite

The Waterfront Suite of Akaroa Village Inn had nearly everything you need for a relaxing retreat. The stylish suite has a king size bed, a spacious living room area with Sky and Freeview television including a CD player. Even when it rains outside (like it did when we visited), you’re sure to find some entertainment. The room also has a small a kitchen area with coffee and tea making facilities, a refrigerator and toaster. The most loved space in the room? The bathroom with its with its double spa bath. It was definitely a treat after a long day of sightseeing. The Waterfront Suite of Akaroa Village Inn definitely captures that “home away from home” feeling.

Location: Akaroa, New Zealand

We visited Akaroa in winter, but when the sun did eventually come out it felt like summer! The water was crystal clear and the hills were lush and green.  Akaroa, located just 75 km from Christchurch is an old British and French settlement and that old world charm still lingers with beautiful architecture, quaint cafes and charming harbour front restaurants. For nature lovers, the harbor nature cruise is a real delight which features dramatic landscapes of Akaroa, hector’s dolphins and blue penguins.

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Disclaimer: We were hosted by Akaroa Village Inn during our stay in Akaroa, New Zealand Thoughts and opinions in this review are our own.

81 Beach Road, Akaroa, New Zealand
Website: http://www.akaroavillageinn.co.nz/
Email: akaroavillageinn@xtra.co.nz
Phone Number: + 64 3 304 1111

What do you think of Akaroa Village Inn? Did this review inspire you to stay here? Do you have plans to visit Akaroa, New Zealand? Let us know.

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