Felt Forma Review: Hand-made Organic Wool Boots and Shoes

Written by Gia Kristel Algie

I’m always on the look out for unique things to wear, so when a company who creates hand-made, organic wool shoes contacted us to do a review I was excited!

A couple of weeks later the shoes arrived, a pair each for Jon and I. We have worn them a lot in the last few weeks — check out our review below as well as some tips on how to order the right shoes for you (I ended up ordering the wrong ones, so make sure you learn from my mistake!).

Felt Forma: Hand-made Organic Wool Boots / Shoes

The first thing I noticed when we unboxed our new Felt Forma wool footwear was how nice they looked. The colour (I’m pretty sure it’s called cappuccino) looks great with black leggings and jeans and I love the natural wool look. I also noticed how thin the sole was and had a horrible feeling that I had ordered the wrong boots! There was no such trouble for Jon though. The soles of his shoes have lots of tread and are really comfortable to walk in. He wears his almost everywhere — they are perfect for winter!

The lack of a decent sole means my boots are mostly confined to indoors, but I have worn them outside a few times when it has been dry. They are pretty comfortable but obviously a thicker sole would make them so much better.

How to Order Felt Forma Boots / Shoes Online

I didn’t check the photos of the soles properly when I ordered the boots only to realise later on that they were very thin thus the recommendation to use them for indoor and light outdoor use. If you want a pair of boots that you can wear everywhere you need to order the snow boots. You can also order shoes and loafers, most of which have thick soles. You can kind of tell from the photos of the website what the soles will be like, so if the photo has a very prominent sole it’ll be good for use outdoors. If you can only see a thin sole then you’ll get just that, a (really) thin sole.

For men it seems a little easier. Most of the shoes have thick soles and the ones Jon ordered the wool felt slip on shoes and they look great. He tells me they are probably the most comfortable shoes he’s ever worn and they keep his feet nice and warm in winter. They are pretty unique looking too — no one else seems to have anything like them!

These were the first shoes that we had ordered online, and the measuring process went very smoothly. There is an easy to follow guide on the Felt Forma website and the whole process only took a few minutes. The shoes fit perfectly!

You can also customise the colours of both the woolen part of the shoe and the sole. There are some very bright colours on the Felt Forma website but I’d advise to stick to something classic. The light brown and charcoal colours looks really nice.

The Verdict

Felt Forma shoes look great and keep your feet warm, which is something that has come in handy during a cold New Zealand winter. The unique look and story behind them make for a talking point whenever someone asks about them. They are hand-made in Lithuania from organic wool by a person who is passionate about designing shoes. They are great for both men and women, but just make sure you order the right ones! I’d be raving about them so much more if I did. It was my fault, but we did try to change them (and offered to pay for the extra shipping) but it didn’t work out, which was a little frustrating.

Disclaimer: We would like to thank Felt Forma for providing us with hand-made boots and shoes to review. All thoughts and opinions in this post are our own.

Felt Forma
Website: www.feltforma.com

Are you interested in the Felt Forma Boots / Shoes? Have you seen anything like it? Let us know. 

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